Sninski & Schmitt’s Holly Springs Dentist staff have often seen surveys that demonstrate the fact that the number one cosmetic dental procedure patients want is teeth whitening. Whiter smiles are positively correlated with self-confidence and happiness. If you’ve always wanted to get a whiter smile, your Holly Springs Dentist Office has the solution for you. Sninski & Schmitt offers three separate types of teeth whitening in Holly Springs. Our different offerings are customized to meet the various cosmetic dentistry needs of our clients, as we understand that different patients require different services based on their scheduling, timing, or dental concerns. If you are looking for Holly Springs teeth whitening in the dentist office, or are looking for a system that you can use at home, Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry’s Holly Springs Dentist can help you whiten your smile.

Take-home Holly Springs Teeth Whitening Solutions

At Sninski & Schmitt, we offer teeth whitening trays that enable you to conduct your Holly Springs teeth whitening at home and on your own time without having to come into the dental office. If you wish to choose this Holly Springs teeth whitening option, you will have to come into our dentist office for two short visits, but after that you will be able to finish the process at home.Holly Springs Teeth Whitening

During your first visit, your Holly Springs dentist will make impressions of your teeth in order to customize the teeth whitening trays. Once the trays are completed, we will call you back in for a follow-up visit to receive them and acquire your prescription teeth whitening gel.

When you get home, you simply have to fill the trays with the prescribed amount, put them on your teeth, and resume your daily activities. Following the instructions will leave you with a noticeably whiter smile!

Our In-office Holly Springs Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you don’t believe that you have the time to do teeth whitening at home or merely want the expertise of our dentists in Holly Springs, we have an in-office teeth whitening solution that will meet your needs. Our in-office system can give you the whiter smile you’ve wanted in just one hour and two simple steps:

  • We apply a similar gel as that found in the take-home trays to your teeth
  • This gel is then quick-activated by a light source which accelerates the teeth whitening process. This light enables us to do in roughly one hour what would take multiple applications at home.

After your one hour with our Holly Springs dentist, you will have teeth that are up to seven shades whiter. The teeth whitening will also last for up to five years, meaning that your beautiful smile is a long-term investment. The previous visitors to our Holly Springs dentist office have loved their new smiles, and we are confident that you will too!

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If you want to acquire that new and perfect smile of which you’ve always been dreaming, contact your Holly Springs Dentist, Sninski & Schmitt. Our top-quality staff and techniques will leave you with a brilliant and happy new smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! Welcome to Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry!

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