At Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry, we are sure that many the visitors to our dentist office in Holly Springs are all too familiar with the old dental stereotype of painful tooth extractions and root canals. In fact, there’s even a common saying that something difficult or painful is “like pulling teeth”! These days, the procedures in question are nothing like they’re shown to be in those old shows and jokes. If you have exhausted all other dental treatment options in Holly Springs, and a tooth is still causing you pain, it might be time to consider a tooth extraction.

Our Holly Springs Tooth Extraction process

Holly Springs Tooth ExtractionWhile our Holly Springs dentists tend to recommend tooth extraction only as a last resort, there are occasions that warrant its consideration. For example, if you’ve already had a filling, crown, or root canal, and your tooth is still causing you pain, this might be a sign of deeper and more significant tooth damage that can cause both pain and long-term gum damage if left untreated. If our Holly Springs dentist decides that your tooth needs to be removed, he will inform you and discuss next steps.

Our number one priority for tooth removal in Holly Springs is always to guarantee our patient’s comfort, and we take every measure to make our tooth extraction process pain-free. The first step of the surgery is to apply either a local anesthetic or a more general painkiller, depending on the dentist’s recommendation and the patient’s preference. Once the patient has been sedated, your Holly Springs dentist will remove the tooth. The patient will not feel anything more than some pressure on the gum, and the process will not usually take very long.

After your Holly Springs tooth extraction, the dentist will place a gauze pad over the socket to facilitate quick healing. In addition, you will be asked to do things such as:

  • Place an ice pack on your face to reduce swelling.
  • Eat soft and cool foods for the first few days after your tooth removal.
  • Gently gargle with warm salt water starting 24 hours after the surgery.
  • Do not smoke, use a straw, or spit after surgery, as this can damage the healing socket.

If you follow these recommendations and any additional recommendations from your Holly Springs dentist, your tooth extraction will go smoothly and you’ll be free of the pain that has been tormenting you!

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We understand that our patients might be reticent to schedule a tooth extraction in Holly Springs. Years and years of hearing how something was “like pulling teeth” have conditioned us as a society to associate tooth removal with pain, struggle, and discomfort. With modern dental technology, however, this does not have to be the case. Sninski & Schmitt can make your Holly Springs tooth removal quick and nearly painless! Contact us today or call us at 919-600-6262 to find out more!

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