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At Sninski & Schmitt’s Holly Springs dental office we often see patients who wish to improve the brightness and beauty of their smile. In a survey of dentists in Holly Springs, a majority reported that the primary concern of their clientele was to improve their smile quality. While the best option is always to take care of your natural teeth and maintain their cleanliness, we understand how this is often possible through the mistakes of the past or other genetic reasons. While we offer teeth-whitening services, due to the relative simplicity one of our most frequently requested cosmetic dentistry procedures is veneers in Holly Springs.

What are Veneers?

Your dentist in Holly Springs offers dental veneers to help you achieve a beautiful smileVeneers are thin shells usually made of either resin or porcelain in a dental laboratory. Many times cosmetic dentists in Holly Springs will
use them to correct chipped or otherwise damaged teeth, but they are often used to craft bright new smiles for dental patients. Many Hollywood stars and starlets owe their pearly white smiles to this second use of dental veneers, as the dentist can make them as shiny white as the star would desire. Some of the positives of using dental veneers in Holly Springs are:

  • Permanent teeth whitening
  • Correcting chipped teeth
  • Shaping teeth that are misshaped
  • Restoring worn teeth
  • Fixing spacing and alignment issues

While most veneers in Holly Springs will correct teeth issues such as chipped, misshapen, or worn teeth, they are usually not a good choice for patients with poor dental hygiene. This is because they do not correct or mitigate tooth decay, and can be just as difficult to care for. Veneers are also not for patients who tend to chew on ice, as the additional pressure can crack them. Since they are very difficult to repair, this is not an ideal situation.

Finally, veneers are not cheap. Sninski & Schmitt, your Holly Springs dentist often recommends veneers to solve dental issues that would otherwise require very time-consuming and expensive dental surgery such as a dental implant. We do not, however, like to frivolously recommend veneers in Holly Springs, as the way in which they’re installed makes them an irreversible decision. Your Holly Springs dentist should consult with you and make sure that veneers are truly right for your cosmetic dental needs.

Ask your Holly Springs dentist if Veneers are right for you

If you have been searching for a solution that can hide your damaged or otherwise unsightly teeth, veneers might be the answer you have been seeking. If you believe you have the capabilities to maintain them, veneers are a fantastic solution to fix damaged or irrevocably stained teeth. However, your Holly Springs dentist will want to have a conversation to discuss possible alternatives with you before making any decisions on your cosmetic dental treatments. If you would like to learn more about veneers or schedule a consultation, contact our Holly Springs dentist office or call us to make an appointment today!

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