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As a busy and growing dentist in Holly Springs, Sninski and Schmitt is always meeting with new patients who haven’t visited us before, and as such we have become quite familiar with the fast pace of life that many of our dental patients like to maintain. During preliminary meetings with them, many of our new patients have mentioned in passing how much more convenient it would be if they could fill out their paperwork digitally before coming to our dental offices. In the interests of saving both their time and ours, we have some of the preliminary forms online that new patients at our Cary Dental Office and Holly Springs Dental Office can fill out before their appointments. These forms are automatically downloaded into your digital chart to optimize your time in the office.  We hope that we can continue to optimize the experience of our dental offices by adding more forms like this.

Dental Forms for your Cary and Holly Springs Dental Office Visits

For new adult patients, please click on the link above and completely fill out our adult new patient form for your appointment. If you are bringing your children in for their first dental visit with us, please click on the child new patient link above and completely fill out their information.  All of this information will be automatically added to your digital chart and provide maximum efficiency so you can be seen immediately when you arrive for your dental appointment.

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If you have recently moved into the area, or have found yourself looking for a new dentist, talk to us at Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry. We have two convenient offices in Holly Springs and Cary to most efficiently serve our dental patients and provide the best dental care to our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in the Triangle. If you have any questions about scheduling your appointment, please contact one of our offices directly at our Holly Springs Dentist phone: 919-600-6262 or our Cary phone: 919-467-2203. You can also fill out our contact form if you would like to contact us on the evenings or weekends.

If you would like to learn more about our commitment to top-tier dental care in Holly Springs and Cary, check out some of our excellent patient testimonials, or watch this video about our excellent service!

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