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At Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry we understand how important family is to our patients. As proud family men and women ourselves, we understand that whenever a child has a dental emergency or just a dental first, the parent wants the absolute best dental care. We also know how difficult it can be to get children into your family dental office. That is where we come in. At Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry we pride ourselves on our caring and warm manner, ideal for children who are still scared of coming to their dentist appointments. We also offer a wide range of Family Dentistry services including but not limited to check-ups, teeth cleaning, and teeth fillings at both our Holly Springs and Cary dentist offices.

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When people search for a family dentist for a new or growing family, the first things they look for are warmth and ability. Dr. Sninski and Dr. Schmitt strive every day to provide the best dentistry services for your family and do so in a professional and caring environment. We understand that being an experienced family dentistry practice with a great reputation is both a privilege and a responsibility, as our patients will hold us to a higher standard. When we come into work every morning, we make sure that we’re providing the level of family dentistry that we would expect were it our own children getting treated.

Family Dental Services

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Family dentistry treatments aren’t just useful for healthy teeth, but they’re part of a healthy lifestyle for you and your entire family. Keeping routine checkups is an excellent way to ensure each member of your family is having their teeth properly taken care of.

Here are some family dentistry services:

It is also true that good dental habits are formed at a young age. Therefore, establishing a strong relationship with a Family Dentistry practice can bring significant advantages later in life. We can help you teach your children dental care techniques to give them a head start on maintaining their own dental health. We can also give parents hints on how to best encourage their children to brush, floss, and take care of their teeth.

Family Dentistry FAQ’s

How much does family dental services cost?

The cost varies depending on a couple of different factors. One factor is if you have insurance, and how much of the cost that insurance covers. If you don’t have insurance, chances are the services will cost more than if covered by insurance. Another factor is the kind of service being provided. For example, a routine checkup will not cost the same as having a root canal procedure.

Regardless of cost, we here at Sninski & Schmitt are dedicated to providing the best care possible to our clients, and will make sure that whatever the expense, you receive exceptional service.

What services are provided by a family dentist?

We provide a wide range of services to make sure you and your family’s teeth are in fantastic shape and healthy as can be. Everything from routine checkups to dental fillings to teeth cleanings can be provided by our team of dedicated family dentists.

What do I need to bring for my first family dentist appointment?

If this is your first appointment with us, you will have to fill out our adult or child patient form and bring it with you to the office. As a courtesy, we will file your dental insurance claim, so make sure to bring your insurance information with you.

How do I cancel my family dentist appointment?

At Sninski & Schmitt, we understand that things come up in life unexpectedly and you may need to cancel your appointment. However, broken appointments are very costly and inconvenient for our staff, as we have to make appropriate preparations for each client. With that being said, we ask you inform us at least 1 business day in advance. If you break your appointment without providing notice, you will be subject to a broken appointment fee of $50.00.

If you are running late, we will do our best to work you into our schedule, but may also need to re-appoint you to another day.

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