Our caring and compassionate dentists and staff at Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry understand that being proud of your smile is of the utmost importance to many of our patients. In a survey of dentists in Holly Springs, a majority of dentists reported that their patients were most concerned with having the brightest and most beautiful smile possible. While our first recommendation is always to take care of your extant teeth, sometimes this is not possible, and you must look for alternative options. While we also offer teeth whitening services, one of the most commonly-requested cosmetic dentistry services we offer is placing Veneers.

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What are Veneers?
Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or resin that are fabricated with the help of a dental laboratory and generally cover the tops and front of your teeth. They are often used when dentists need to correct a single tooth that has a fracture or extensive discoloration, but they are also used to create bright new smiles for dental patients in Holly Springs and Cary. This second use is more commonly called a “Hollywood Smile” as dental veneers are used to give movie stars those pearly white and perfect smiles. Some of the positives of using dental veneers in Holly Springs are:

  • Permanent teeth whitening
  • Correcting chipped teeth
  • Shaping teeth that are misshaped
  • Restoring worn teeth
  • Fixing spacing and alignment issues

While all dental veneers will address these issues to a greater or lesser degree, there are advantages and disadvantages to any dental procedure, and veneers are no exception. While veneers will whiten and correct the look of your teeth, they are also not a good choice for those with poor dental health or hygiene, as they do not prevent or mitigate tooth decay. They also do not do well with people who put excessive pressure on their teeth, such as those who chew ice or grind their teeth. This tends to crack veneers, and it is very difficult to repair them. Veneers are also not recommended for those with a demonstrated history of poor dental hygiene, as they must be cleaned and maintained the same as any regular tooth. If they are not, they will often get stained and make your overall cosmetic dental situation even worse.

Finally, veneers are not cheap. While Sninski & Schmitt recommends them to customers who truly need them or wish to completely remake their smile, we also believe that many dentists in Cary over-recommend dental veneers as an easy way to make money. We also believe that this is harmful to the long-term dental health of our Holly Springs dental patients, as the process by which veneers are installed means that it is an irreversible decision. Your Holly Springs dentist should consult with you and make sure that veneers are truly right for your cosmetic dental needs.

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