Dental crowns are a common part of family dentistry in that they are widely used to complete a variety of procedures. At Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry, we are thrilled to offer same-day crowns using CEREC technology. You can walk out of either of our Holly Springs or Cary dentist office with a brand-new, restored smile the same day you walked in!

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What Is A Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cover that a dental professional will put over a decaying tooth that needs extra protection. Dental crowns are only used for teeth that are either cracked, have multiple cavities, are showing serious signs of decay, or need extra protection to operate how they should. A dental crown can be made from a variety of materials such as silver, gold, or porcelain, but with new CEREC machine technology, dentists are able to craft same-day crowns created from ceramic. CEREC crowns are designed with strong ceramic composite and shaped specifically for your tooth to provide a comfortable and strong dental crown in the same day.

How Same-Day CEREC Crowns Work

The CEREC machine uses CAD technology to create a crown specifically to match your smile out of sculpted ceramic, which takes approximately 15 minutes. Once the crown has been sculpted to fit with the rest of your teeth, we will place it and ensure that it sits correctly. Once we do this, the crown restoration will be complete. Our Holly Springs or Cary dentist office is equipped to handle a high volume of dental crowns and bridges on any given day, so we can accommodate all of our patients’ dental crown needs.

The Benefits of Ceramic Crowns

We know how demanding your daily schedule can be, so to make life easy, we offer this incredible same-day dental crown service. With same-day dental crowns, we eliminate having to place a temporary crown and setting a return visit to place the permanent crown. This way, we can accomplish two visits’ worth of work in one day! This is ideal for our patients who have busy schedules and who cannot come into our office for multiple visits.

Beyond the utility of getting a crown placed on the same day, CEREC same day crowns are useful in the same way that regular crowns are useful: they can protect weak, decaying, or broken teeth. This means that crowns can often offer similar results to much more invasive dental work such as implant dentistry. Talk to your dentist to see if dental crowns can provide you with the right dental health outcomes!

When To Get A CEREC Crown

CEREC crowns and other dental crowns are used to protect the integrity of teeth which don’t have the strength to protect themselves. CEREC crowns not only protects the strength of the teeth but they are able to restore the appearance, shape, and functionality of the tooth. Typically a tooth will require a dental crown if they have a cavity that isn’t capable of being filled with a regular filling. CEREC dental crowns can also be used to protect a cracked tooth from further damage, protect a root canal while it heals, or change the shape and appearance of a tooth.

How Long Will Same-Day CEREC Crowns Last?

CEREC crown technology may be newer compared to traditional dental crown methods such as silver crowns or gold crowns, but CEREC crowns will typically have roughly the same life expectancy as traditional crowns. In order to the get best possible results out of your dental crowns it is important to follow your dentists instruction and develop a consistent dental hygiene routine. If you are consistent with brush your teeth, flossing your teeth, and other oral health routines then it is typical for you to expect your CEREC same-day crowns to last anywhere from 10 – 25 years. The life expectancy of your crowns will come down to your oral health routine as well as multiple other variables.

Dental Crowns FAQ’s

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Take?

The advancement of dental crown technology such as CEREC have allowed dentists to provide their patients with dental crowns in as little two hours. Before the dental crown process would take multiple trips to the dentist, but not you are able to have CEREC crowns molded to fit your teeth perfectly as well as bonded to your tooth in just a few hours. This makes the entire process much quicker and more efficient for the patients as well as the dentist.

How Long Do Same-Day CEREC Crowns Last?

The lifespan of CEREC crowns will depend on your dental routine such as how well you clean your teeth, if you smoke, if you grind your teeth, as well as other factors. With proper care CEREC crowns will last for a long time, it is typically thought they will last for roughly 10 – 20 years. This number can vary depending on a variety of different dental practices as well as the how well they were molded for your teeth.

Are CEREC Crowns Better Than Traditional Crowns?

It can be difficult to claim that one kind of dental crown is better than the other because each patient has a slightly different case with different needs. But CEREC crowns have grown drastically in popularity in recent years because of their ability to be placed within just a few hours compared to traditional crowns which take multiple visits to the dentist to place. CEREC crowns also look very similar to traditional teeth so they are practically unnoticeable compared to traditional crowns which are typically constructed out of silver. It is important to speak with our dental professionals in order to figure out what dental crown is the best option for you.

Are Same-Day CEREC Crowns Painful?

CEREC crowns are used to rebuild the level of protection that your teeth give you mouth. So when you have a damaged tooth that requires a crown it will typically drastically improve the level of pain you are experiencing. Crowns will help lower the amount of pain you are experiencing but it may have a weird sensation that can be slightly uncomfortable for the first few weeks when you eat hot or cold food.

Why Is My Dental Crown Hurting?

If you are experience pain from your dental crown it is important to reach out to your dentist to find out what might be causing the pain. If you are prone to clenching or grinding your teeth it may be possible that your crown has become loose. A loose crown is painful because it allows for bacteria to get under the dental crown and interact directly with the nerve root. This can lead to an infection or further damage if your crown isn’t properly taken care of.

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