Do you have a painful tooth that has been bothering you or causing discomfort? Have you exhausted all other options in repairing it or alleviating the pain? It may be time to consider a tooth extraction.

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Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth Extraction Cary NC

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage on a tooth is too extensive and the tooth can not be saved or restored. At any of our dental offices in Holly Springs and Cary, NC, we perform extractions for teeth that are beyond repair. It is our priority to ensure that our patients remain as comfortable as possible during extractions, and we will take every measure to make the process pain-free.

We understand that a tooth extraction may not sound ideal, but in some cases, it is necessary in order to avoid infection in the damaged tooth. If you believe you have a tooth that may need to be extracted, make an appointment with one of our dentist offices in Holly Springs or Cary and we will assess your tooth to determine if it needs to be removed.

Should we determine that your tooth does need to be extracted, we can perform most extractions in our office. The dentists here at Sninski and Schmitt Family Dentistry are compassionate and will keep your comfort top of mind through every step of the procedure. Generally speaking, extractions are relatively pain-free and typically only cause pressure around the tooth that is being removed. Once pressure is placed on the tooth, the tooth will release from its socket and it will be removed.

Tooth Extraction FAQ’s

How Long Is The Recovery Process For A Tooth Extraction?

The recovery process for tooth extraction procedures is slightly different for each patient. It is common for there to be pain for multiple days following the tooth extraction procedure but it is important to follow your dentist’s guidelines when it comes to healing the recovery.

What Are Common Reasons To Have A Tooth Extraction?

There are a variety of different reasons that a tooth extraction will be recommended by your dentist such as extreme tooth decay, trauma to the teeth, tooth overcrowding, and other reasons. We always recommend that you speak with family dentist to learn more about the tooth extraction process as well as why it is important for your specific dental health.

Can A Family Dentist Pull Out An Infected Tooth?

If your family dentist finds a tooth that is infected, has become extremely decayed, or has been impacted by trauma is is possible that they will recommend a tooth extraction procedure. This is typically done in order to improve the overall health of your mouth as well as stop the spread of decay.

How Long Does Pain Last After Tooth Extraction Procedures?

Your dentist will be able to provide you with more accurate predictions of how long pain will last following tooth extraction procedures as each specific case is different. In general, it is common for pain to last for the first week or two following a tooth extraction procedure but the level of pain may be different for each patient.

What Should You Avoid After A Tooth Extraction?

It is important that you are gentle with the tooth extraction site immediately following a tooth extraction procedure. It is typically recommended to avoid forcefully spitting or rinsing your mouth for the first day or two following the procedure.

How Can I Make My Tooth Extraction Heal Faster?

When it comes to healing from oral surgery it is important to follow the instructions of your dentist or dental professional. They are the ones with the best insight on the health of your mouth and what it takes for it to heal. A few things that can be done to help you recover from a tooth extraction is to avoid physical activity, rest as much as possible, clean your mouth according to your dentist’s instructions, and to eat soft food for the first week.

When Can I Brush My Teeth Normally After A Tooth Extraction Procedure?

After a tooth extraction procedure it is important to protect the healing site so it can heal properly. We recommend that you do not clean the tooth for the first day following the procedure. We recommend that you speak with your dental professional to find to the best timetable for dental health following a tooth extraction procedure.

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