We are proud to provide Invisalign® in all of our locations as an option for our patients. With this system, a series of clear, plastic aligners are used to gradually reposition your teeth. Best of all, unlike traditional metal braces, an Invisalign® retainer is virtually invisible. This allows our patients to achieve straight, beautiful new smiles without requiring the metallic look that was once part of the only treatment option available to straighten teeth, traditional braces.

Because the retainer is removable, patients can brush and floss much easier than with traditional braces. And, importantly, those who fear embarrassment at work, school, or other areas of life are now able to straighten their teeth without disrupting their lifestyle.

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Invisalign Treatment Process

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You may have heard about Invisalign from a friend or heard about it from social media, but you may not know what to expect when beginning with Invisalign. We will talk you through the entire Invisalign treatment process to help give you an educated decision on whether or not Invisalign is the right choice for you.

The Initial Consultation

At Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry, our Invisalign process starts with a consultation with one of our dentists. This consultation will determine whether Invisalign is the correct treatment for you, as there are certain cases, such as long-term bite reshaping or damage recovery, for which Invisalign does not work well. Our team of trained professionals will take a thorough analysis of your dental health to help set clear expectations with Invisalign.

This is a great time for the patient to ask as many questions as possible about Invisalign or the treatment process. Our family dentists are there to help you feel comfortable with the decision and answer any questions you may have. If for whatever reason you aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign, our dentists will explain other alternatives that you can learn more about. But typically Invisalign works for most patients who come in for their first consultation.

Digital Imaging Scan

Once the initial consultation has occurred, our dentists will take a digital image of your teeth to send to the Invisalign factory. There, they will produce a mouthpiece that will gently move your teeth into their new and better positions. The digital imaging process is quick and easy to get an incredibly accurate 3d image of your teeth. This is used to create teeth aligners that fit perfectly for your mouth. This means they will be incredibly comfortable and will have great results because they are designed specifically for your teeth.

Your Custom Invisalign Teeth Aligners

After your first consultation and the 3D digital imaging process you are finally ready to receive your Invisalign teeth aligners that are made specifically for the structure of your teeth. As their name states, they are made of a clear composite that is virtually invisible. This makes them a great alternative to traditional braces because they are much less noticeable.

Your dentist will help you understand how to get the best possible results from Invisalign but it is typically recommended to wear your aligners for roughly 20 to 22 hours a day. It is also recommended that you take our your aligners while you eat as well as while you brush and floss your in order to protect your aligners. If you have any questions on how to use your Invisalign aligners then it is important to reach out to your dentist.

Routine Invisalign Checkups

After you have gotten the hang of wearing your aligners and your teeth begin to gradually move into the correct position it is important to head back to your dentist to get a new set. Once your teeth have shifted enough, your current aligner won’t be able to help them shift any more so you must head back to get an updated Invisalign aligner. It is important to speak with your dentist to see how often they recommend checkup appointments.

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Reasons to Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Invisalign typically isn’t considered to be the most affordable option when it comes to straightening your smile, it comes with a variety of valuable benefits. You can trust Invisalign to help your teeth look better but will also help protect against further dental damage by making the teeth easier to clean as well as solidifying the proper structure of your mouth.

Invisalign Looks Natural

Metal braces are a great option to help improve the appearance of your teeth in the long run, but while you have them it can be embarrassing. Many adults as well as teenagers are embarrassed to have metal braces because they believe it makes their mouth unattractive. Invisalign is a great solution for those who are too embarrassed to have metal braces because Invisalign is nearly invisible. They are made of a clear composite that will help straighten your smile but won’t draw attention to your teeth like metal braces will. It is common for adults to get Invisalign because they believe metal braces will interfere with their social lives as well as their career.

Invisalign Is Comfortable And Removable

Metal braces are put in place and are typically tightened with dental rubber bands. You can’t remove your metal braces until your dentist is satisfied with the results which make take multiple years of having your mouth filled with metal. With Invisalign you are able to take it out to give your mouth a breather. Along with the ability to remove your Invisalign aligner they are also made from a flexible soft plastic to provide your mouth with a more comfortable fit.

Invisalign Is The Safe Option

A large percentage of patients who utilize metal braces will suffer from an overall painful experience. Traditional metal braces utilize wire as well as metal that can cut your gums. Along with being cut by the metal, your teeth are also prone to being stained by the extended period of direct contact with metal. This can lead to tooth decay and demineralization of your teeth. Invisalign and other clear braces are able to mitigate the extend of this damage from metal braces while still providing great results to your smile.

Invisalign FAQ’s

Can You Eat Or Drink With Invisalign?

It is typically recommended that you wear your Invisalign roughly 20 to 22 hours per day but it is important to take them out while you eat. You want to keep your aligner as clean as possible which means avoiding contact with food while you wear them is important. We recommend that you take your aligner out when you eat and then brush your teeth before putting your aligner back in. This will keep your aligner clean and healthy.

Does Invisalign Give You A Lisp?

A lisp is a speech impediment that inhibits to proper pronunciation of certain sounds. In some patients it is possible for a lisp to develop when they begin wearing Invisalign because it alters the amount of spacing in their mouth. This will vary from patient to patient as some patients will have no issues with a lisp developing while other may. You can talk to our dentists if you have any issues or have any questions about problems that arrises after using Invisalign.

Does Invisalign Make Your Teeth Perfect?

Invisalign has recently become one of the most popular options for straightening your teeth instead of utilizing traditional metal braces. Invisalign has been proven to help provide patients with a straighter smile with similar results compared to traditional metal braces.

Can People Tell You Are Wearing Invisalign?

Invisalign is known for providing patients with an alternative to metal braces that are much less noticeable. They are made of a flexible plastic that is clear which means it is much more difficult to see. Invisalign will still be noticeable to the trained eye but to the average person it will be very difficult for them to notice.

Does Invisalign Give You Bad Breath?

It is possible for Invisalign to cause your mouth to be drier compared to what it normally is which can lead to a growth of bacteria. The growth of bacteria can lead to the development of bad breath. But you can combat bad breath when you wear Invisalign by taking out your aligner while you eat and making sure to brush your teeth before putting the aligner back in. It is important to prioritize your dental hygiene routine to protect yourself from the growth of bacteria.

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