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How to Beat Dentophobia as an Adult

Tips to Beating Dentophobia

Fear of visiting the dentist is not just something commonly associated with young people – adults experience it too. You might be surprised at the number of adults that experience this fear so strongly that it is classified as dentophobia. Dentophobia can seriously affect a person’s oral health by preventing them from seeking help from […]

Early Signs of Oral Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

early signs of oral cancer

While oral cancer is not as common as other types of cancer, it can be much more serious. Although the five-year survival rate of oral cancer is approximately 66%, about 10,126 people in the U.S. died from cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx. As with most types of cancer, the survival rate goes up […]

How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

If you are practicing a good oral hygiene routine, you are brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day as well as flossing. This means that you’re being diligent in keeping your teeth clean and eliminating as much plaque and bacteria as possible. As part of this endeavor, it’s important that you not neglect […]

What Your Tongue Can Tell About Your Health

The appearance of your tongue can indicate a lot about your health. It’s a good idea to take a look at it on a daily basis, even if it feels fine. Bumps, patches, and spots can be harmless. But, sometimes the color and texture of your tongue can point to a possible vitamin and mineral […]

Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

We know the importance of good dental habits, both for children and adults. Teaching your child these habits at an early age establishes good oral care for his/her entire life. When you raise a child knowing what to do on a daily basis for their teeth to be healthy, that child will more than likely […]

9 Tips to Prepare for Your Dental Appointment

Maintaining good oral health requires keeping up with routine dental checkups and cleanings. Having proper oral health contributes to many positives like social well-being. It can allow you to eat, speak, and even socialize without discomfort or embarrassment. Taking care of your teeth is a lifelong commitment that includes eating nutritious foods, brushing, flossing, and […]

How to Effectively Brush and Floss Your Teeth

One of the most important parts of your dental routine is daily brushing and flossing your teeth. The method you use makes a difference in how clean you are getting your teeth, in between your teeth, and your gums. Brushing and flossing properly minimize the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which are the […]

Signs You Need a Dental Crown

Getting a dental crown put on a tooth is one of the most common restorative procedures performed by a dentist. There are a variety of reasons why you may need a crown on a tooth. Before the crown was invented through technological advances, when you had a tooth that was weak and imperiled, the dentist […]

Veneer Preparation Step-by-Step Guide

If you are hesitant to smile because you have chipped, broken, or discolored teeth, you may want to consider dental veneers. Dental veneers, also called porcelain veneers or dental laminates, can make your teeth even more beautiful than your original teeth! At Sninski and Schmitt Family Dentistry, we have expertise in providing veneers in Cary […]

Dental Implant Procedure Steps–Know What to Expect

Dental implants have made a major difference in people’s lives by enabling them to chew and eat properly, as well as restore their self-esteem. Improvements in dental care are numerous in the last few decades; however, millions of Americans still lose teeth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. For a long time, the […]