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Food for Strong Teeth and Gums

food for healthy teeth and gums

Strong teeth and healthy gums are critically important for overall health and well-being. Overall health comes from a proper diet. Just as the food and vitamins you ingest build strong bones, your teeth and gums also reflect what you eat.

How Often Should You Floss

How often should you floss your teeth? We’re asked this a lot, and we see a lot of variance in how often people do this important dental health task, so we’re clearing up the confusion.

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

With April being oral cancer awareness month, we find it to be a timely opportunity to provide information about the symptoms you should be aware of regarding cancer of the mouth and upper throat.

5 Stages of Periodontal Disease

5 Periodontal Disease stages

There are five stages of periodontal disease with the severity increasing from stage 1 to stage 5. As the disease gets worse, it begins to affect not only the gums but also the bone. You can lose teeth due to weakening of the ligaments and soft tissues as gum disease progresses. Learn how to identify signs of periodontal disease and your risk factors.

Understanding Periodontal Bone Loss: Can It Be Treated?

Periodontal Bone Loss

If left untreated, gum disease can advance and cause bone loss, which leads to losing teeth. Can bone loss be treated and, if so, what is the course of action? Find out the 5 stages of periodontal disease, in which stages you lose bone, and the treatment to regenerate bone when it has been compromised from gum disease.

Tips for Learning to Sleep with a Night Guard for Grinding

Learning to Sleep with a Night Guard for Grinding

If you are waking up with soreness in the muscles around your jaw, headaches, or notice that your teeth appear to be wearing down, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Regardless of whether you are grinding your teeth at night during sleep or during your waking hours, this can result in discomfort […]

Can a Dental Abscess Heal on Its Own?

Can a Dental Abscess Heal on Its Own?

If you have ever experienced a dental abscess, you are very aware of the pain and discomfort that accompanies it. And, if you have not had a dental abscess, count yourself lucky. Dental abscesses can come out of nowhere and catch you blindsided. Your professional dental team at Sninski & Schmitt has experience diagnosing and […]

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

Dental tips for the holidays from your family dentist

Since we at Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry know that the last thing you want to do is have to schedule an appointment two days before Christmas for a cracked tooth, we’ve put together a list of our dentists’ best holiday tooth care tips below.

How to Fix an Overbite with Help From Your Dentist

how to fix an overbite with help from your dentist

Approximately 22% of people have an overbite–it is a common dental health issue. The causes of an overbite can be primarily from genetics influencing the shape of your jaw. However, using pacifiers and finger and thumb sucking late into a child’s development can cause an overbite. You may be self-conscious about your overbite, but there […]