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Why Adults Are Choosing Invisalign® for Straighter Teeth


You’ve always felt self-conscious of your teeth and how your smile looks. Maybe you’ve got a prominent gap or your teeth are crowded or crooked, and you are aware of it every time you smile, talk, or laugh, especially when you’re at work, a social gathering, or meeting someone new. You feel that as an […]

Dental Health and Oral Care for Seniors


Senior citizens are at a high risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. There are several factors for this, mainly, years of wear and tear take a heavy toll on your teeth – chewing, drinking acidic beverages like juice or coffee, and teeth grinding can all lead to damage. Compounding this issue is […]

How Mental Health Can Affect Dental Health


You probably know that common mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, and depression manifest into physical health issues. High blood pressure, sleep problems, heart disease, and digestive issues are all linked to stress and depression, but you maybe never thought about what these conditions can do to your teeth and gums. Research has shown strong […]

How Tobacco and Smoking Affects Your Oral Health


It’s no secret that using tobacco products, whether it’s cigarettes or chewing tobacco, is bad for your health. However, despite the dangers, over 17 percent of North Carolinians continue to smoke cigarettes. What you may not realize is the extent of health problems that can be caused by smoking and chewing tobacco, including what it […]

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety


We understand that a lot of our patients don’t look forward to visiting our dentist in Cary or our Holly Springs office, but most people don’t think too much about it besides it being a necessity that takes a bit of time out of their day. On the other hand, there are people with a […]

How to Floss Your Teeth the Right Way


It’s not a secret that flossing your teeth is important to good dental health. Just like brushing your teeth twice a day with an ADA-approved toothpaste, flossing is a key step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you’re not doing it the right way, you’re missing benefits and in danger of injuring your teeth […]

The Top Foods and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth


Your smile is one of your most noticeable features, whether you’re greeting new people or laughing with friends. You want your smile to light up your face, so you want to keep it looking bright, white, and healthy, but even brushing twice a day, flossing, and scheduling regular dental checkups isn’t always enough to keep […]

Do Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions Work?


It’s normal to want a gleaming, healthy smile, and if coffee, soda, or tea has your smile looking a bit yellowed and dingy, you’re probably considering ways to remove those stains. As more people turn to natural solutions for beauty and health care, including dental care, our dentists in Cary wanted to take an opportunity […]