signs you need an emergency dentist

Dental health is more important than many people realize. Over 34 million school hours are lost due to emergency dental care, and nearly $45 billion in productivity is lost yearly due to dental disease. The best way to prevent these issues is to see your dentist regularly and practice good oral care. However, emergencies can still happen, and here is when you will need an emergency dentist in Cary NC.

1. You Have Broken a Tooth

A broken tooth is one reason that you will need to visit an emergency dentist in Cary NC. Typically, a broken tooth will cause significant pain. While this alone may be reason enough to visit an emergency dentist, seeking urgent care can also increase the chances of saving your tooth. If your tooth is entirely knocked out, be sure to pick it up by the crown — try your best not to touch the roots — and place it in a cup of milk.

2. Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding, you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. This could be a sign that you have undiagnosed periodontal disease, especially if the bleeding is continuous and coupled with pain or swelling.

3. Your Mouth or Jaw Is Swollen

A swollen jaw can be a sign of a couple of things, including an infection, swollen lymph nodes, and in some cases, cancer. As noted above, it could also be a sign of gum disease. Since there is no way for you to determine the cause on your own, emergency dental services are something that you should seek as soon as possible.

Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry

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While not all emergencies are preventable, the best way to lower your risk is to have regular dental checkups, and our dentists at Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry look forward to being able to take care of you.