Some parents believe it’s not necessary for their child to visit the dentist early, but most dentists beg to differ. Below we explore what the right age is for children to visit a dentist and whether early screening is necessary.

When Should A Child Have Their First Dentist Appointment?

As mentioned, parents aren’t always aware of the importance of early dental screenings. Even if they are aware, they might not know how early they should schedule the first dental visit. Based on recommendations from dental professionals, it’s always earlier than most parents think. More specifically, your child’s dentist might recommend that you schedule a visit by the time your child turns one or about six months after their tooth first comes out. Too early? Not necessarily. There are many benefits associated with early access to dental care for children. In a nutshell, most dental problems that occur later in life can be prevented if children start seeing a dentist when they’re much younger.

What Happens When Your Child Visits The Dentist?

When you first schedule your child’s dental visit, the dentist will use the opportunity to perform an exam. Beforehand, the dentist will ensure your child is as comfortable as possible, and most dental offices have toys that help reduce anxiety. During the first visit and also in subsequent appointments, the dentist will address the basic oral hygiene issues that you need to know about. This covers topics such as how to develop good oral habits in children and why home dental care and feeding your child a healthy, low-sugar diet are crucial.

What Are the Benefits of Early Dental Care for Children?

As mentioned, early dental care can help prevent more issues down the line. That’s because when dentists perform an exam, they are usually able to diagnose potential problems and prescribe appropriate dental solutions. For instance, your child’s dentist may suggest sealants to help prevent cavities. According to research, lack of sealants increases the occurrence of molar cavities by nearly three times in children aged 6 to 11. So that means early dental care can save parents a lot of trouble and expenses down the line.

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