When people speak about things they do not want to do, they often compare it to going to the dentist or having a root canal. So, it should be no surprise that many Americans put off going to the dentist, even when they are experiencing tooth pain.

However, there are grounds as to why you should make and keep that dental appointment. If you are someone who may have a self-imposed fear about going to have your teeth looked at, here are some reasons why you may want to push through.

Oral Health

If you wait until you are in discomfort to see a dentist, there is already a problem. Getting checkups means that your teeth are seen on a regular basis. An incoming issue will be caught before it progresses. Small problems like fillings can often be treated during your appointment. Procedures of all types are able to be done with no pain at all, and there is also medication for recovery.

Keep Your Teeth

Cavities continue to grow until they are taken care of. If the problem perpetuates, you may need a root canal. These days, a root canal can take out unhealthy nerves and keep the tooth. After the procedure, which a patient is well medicated for, a crown can be placed over the tooth to retain function. In some cases, you can receive a crown the same day as the root canal.

Avoid Serious Health Risks

Part of a routine dental exam involves closely looking in the mouth for signs of cancer. In 2017, according to Cancer.net, over 10k people succumbed to cancer of the pharynx and oral cavity. Treatment is typically successful and 66% of survivors make it past five years. While a dentist can’t diagnose cancer, they can spot areas that need to be referred to for closer observation.

Going to the dentist may seem scary, but the potential issues that could arise from not going are far worse than the anxiety of sitting in a chair. Don’t let the sound of a drill keep you from potentially life-saving visits to your dentist. If you have any questions or concerns ahead or during an appointment, feel free to contact Sninski and Schmitt Family Dentistry. We have two convenient locations. You can reach us at our Holly Springs dentist office at (919) 600-6262 and our Cary, NC dentist office at (919) 467-2203. Or, feel free to fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment