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It’s the new year, and if you’re like most Americans, you’re making New Year’s Resolutions. While “lose weight” and “get more organized” are common goals, one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being is take care of your teeth. That’s why our Cary dentist is sharing 5 dental health resolutions you should make for 2023 as well as tips for how to keep them for 365 days.

Brush Twice a Day

When it comes to resolutions, it’s good to start with the basics. Brushing your teeth twice a day with the best toothpaste is absolutely essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright. In the morning, it does more than get rid of “morning breath,” it rids your mouth of the bacteria that causes bad breath plus cavities and gum disease. It helps you start the day with a clean slate, so to speak.

In the evening, brushing is even more important. Any small bits of food or sugar from drinks will cling to your teeth, feeding bacteria which produces the acids that break down enamel and cause decay and cavities.

Floss Once a Day

At the end of the day, make sure you floss your teeth regularly. Again, this is key to keeping teeth and gums healthy because it’s removing debris and particles from those hard-to-reach places that brushing can’t get to. Whether you use a water flosser or traditional string-style floss, make sure you use it every night to get between and behind your teeth where food particles get stuck.

Say Goodbye to Sugary Drinks

It’s no secret that sugary drinks – sports drinks, sodas, coffeehouse drinks – aren’t good for you. We talk about it frequently on this blog, and we’re sure you hear it from other sources, too. Sugar feeds bacteria which, as we mentioned, gives off an acid that breaks down your enamel. When it comes to sugar, the amount of exposure makes a big difference. If you eat a piece of candy, it’s gone in a few minutes and you can drink some water to rinse your mouth. In moderation, it’s not so bad. If you are interested in learning more about cutting down on sugary snacks to improve your dental health, please read this article.

Sugary drinks are especially bad for your teeth because they prolong the exposure to sugar. If you’re sipping on a soda during the afternoon, that’s doing significantly more damage than 5 minutes of eating a small portion of dessert.

Make this the year you say sayonara to soda and other sugary drinks so you can smile brightly all year long!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water seems like a natural step if you’re putting down sugary beverages, right? On top of that, drinking water is incredibly beneficial for your dental health.

Check out these benefits of drinking water:

  • Rinses away debris and sugar from your teeth between brushing;
  • Staying hydrated ensures saliva production, also essential to keeping your teeth cleaner between brushing;
  • Tap water has fluoride which strengthens enamel and builds up the mineral content in your teeth.

Visit Your Dentist Twice This Year

You should have a dental checkup and teeth cleaning every six months, so make it a resolution to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning twice this year. By doing this, any tartar will be removed and your dentist will spot any issues, such as small cavities or minor gum problems before they turn into serious problems like a broken tooth or gingivitis.

Schedule a Checkup with Our Family Dentists Today

When you put all these resolutions into action, you can feel confident that your smile will stay healthy and bright all year long. Start 2023 off right with a teeth cleaning and checkup and schedule an appointment today.

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