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Creating a schedule for your child to follow is difficult enough without adding extra hassle to the routine. Teaching kids the importance of good oral health at a young age is extremely important for their development but we know that’s easier said than done. Adding an extra step to their morning and nightly routine may seem hard at first but try out some of these fun ideas to make it a fun activity for your child. Find out ideas work best for your child and stick with them.

1.) Go On a Shopping Spree

Take your kid to the store to pick out their own toothbrush. Let them get one that has one of their favorite characters on it or one that they can decorate themselves. Also, allow them to pick out a good flavor of toothpaste that they will enjoy. There are a variety of flavors and colors to choose from.

2.) Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Let your child watch you brush your teeth and see how you go through your daily oral health routine. Allow them to see how fun and rewarding brushing your teeth can be by explaining what you are doing and showing them your pearly white smile when you are finished. Kids want to be like their parents so make sure to set an example you want them to follow.

3.) Brush Together as a Family

A family that brushes together, has brighter smiles together! By making brushing a family activity that everyone has to participate in, your child will be more inclined to want to brush their teeth knowing it’s not something only they have to do. This helps them feel included in your routine as well.

4.) Play Time

Let your kid play with a toothbrush. This gives them a chance to practice brushing on their own. They can brush their dolls’ and stuffed animals’ teeth giving them the independence they need to develop the necessary skills to brush their own teeth.

5.) Practice Makes Perfect

Allow your child to practice by letting them brush your teeth. This shows them that brushing teeth can be an exciting experience and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Make brushing seem fun and enjoyable for you and they will want to join in on all the fun as well.

6.) Dance It Out

Another way to make brushing fun is to turn on some tunes and have a 2-minute brushing dance party every morning and night. 2-minutes is the recommended length of time you should brush your teeth for. If your child has a favorite song turn it up and when the music stops they are done.

7.) Storytime

Get creative and make up stories for your kid as they brush their teeth. You can use your imagination to pretend that they are a superhero who needs to destroy all the germs in their mouth. Cheer along as the attack all of them by brushing each tooth along the way. As suggested by We Raleigh this will engage them in the brushing process while ensuring that they get all their teeth.

8.) Rewards for Brushing Their Teeth

Rewarding kids for doing good deeds is a great way to encourage them. Creating a sticker board for your child to add stickers every time they finish brushing their teeth or letting them pick out a book for you to read to them before bedtime are excellent healthy rewards. Rewarding your child is an effective way to establish a routine and create healthy long-lasting habits.

9.) Pick a Routine and Stick to It

Once you are able to establish a routine make sure you stick to it. It is very easy to slip and not make your kid brush their teeth one night on an off day. The more routine brushing becomes the easier it is to make sure your child is brushing twice a day.

Brushing your teeth does not have to be a dreaded chore. With these fun and creative ideas, you can encourage your kid to practice good oral hygiene and make brushing their teeth something they look forward to every day. They can also look forward to their teeth cleaning and checkups!

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