Innovations in computer aided design (CAD), 3D modeling, and restorative dentistry have come together to make it possible for patients to receive a permanent crown the same day as having a root canal or intensive tooth repair performed. These same-day crowns are crafted right in our dentist office in Cary and at our Holly Spring’s location, rather than made in a lab. While this is a more convenient alternative to having to wait a week or two with a temporary crown, there are some questions as to whether these same-day crowns are as good a quality, last as long, and fit as well as traditional options, and whether they’re right for you.

To help you get a better understanding of this technology as well as the benefits and drawbacks, our dentists are providing a more in-depth look at same day crowns.

The Challenges of Traditional Crowns

Traditionally, when a patient has severe tooth decay or requires a root canal, a crown is used to cover the tooth and protect it from further damage. The dentist would make a mold of the tooth using an unpleasant, gummy paste, and send it to a lab who would use that mold to craft a crown. Often this takes one to three weeks, so in the interim, a temporary crown made from acrylic is glued in place.

This process requires two separate dental appointments and a long wait between having the root canal or other procedure and getting the permanent crown. Also, temporary crowns can be problematic themselves, likely to fall out or crack, leaving your repaired tooth exposed to additional damage. To prevent losing a temporary crown, it’s important to avoid sticky or hard foods until the permanent crown is attached.

How Is a Same Day Crown Made?

Same-day crowns are made with CEREC technology – Chairside Economical Restoration or Esthetic Ceramics. This is a machine that includes a camera, computer, and milling machine all in one to make designing and shaping a crown a quick and simple process that’s also incredibly accurate!

First, the patient has multiple images taken of the tooth, and those images are transformed into a three dimensional image that will be used to form the crown. The dentist reviews the shape and, when it’s approved, a piece of ceramic is placed in the machine and is milled and shaped according to the approved image and model. During this process, your dentist can repair your tooth and your permanent ceramic crown will be ready. At both our dentist office in Cary and our Holly Springs office, we can ensure a highly accurate, comfortable fit, often without need for adjustment, before applying a permanent bond.

Should You Choose a Same-Day Crown?

If you need a crown for your tooth, you may have concerns about whether one made in-office in just a few hours is the best option for you.

Benefits of a CEREC Dental Crown

  • Convenience: There’s no need to have a temporary crown applied or make a second trip back to the dentist. You’ve got a permanent crown before leaving the office.
  • Natural: Using 3D modeling and imaging, we can get a highly accurate ceramic crown that will fit comfortably and look natural and attractive. It can even be shaped to replicate the existing tooth if that’s what is best for your dental health.
  • Comfortable: No need to have any molds taken, so you can skip the unpleasant putty needed to make a mold.
  • Worry Free: With a temporary crown, you have to watch what you eat and there’s the risk it could crack or fall out. With a same-day crown, you have a brief period to ensure the bond is holding, then it’s business as usual!
  • Protects Natural Tooth: Placing a same-day crown requires less drilling to fit, saving more of the tooth.

Drawbacks of CEREC Crowns

  • Durability: Ceramic may wear more than metal or porcelain, so they may not be best for people who grind their teeth.
  • Custom shading: Some patients may require more thorough custom shading to get their crown to match existing teeth.

When you’re choosing between a CEREC crown and a traditional option, your dentist will work with you to determine which option is right for you!

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