What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral naturally found in various water sources and in some foods. Fluoride is used to prevent cavities because it slows down tooth decay by strengthening the enamel. Decades of studies indicate that those who drink fluorinated water develop significantly fewer cavities than those who drink water without fluoride in it.

How Fluoride Works

With the help of fluoride, your teeth grow in strong and stay that way as time goes on. Fluoride also works when you are eating. As your saliva breaks down food, it also breaks down the phosphorus and calcium in your teeth, making them easier to decay. Fluoride prevents this by restoring the phosphorus and calcium in your teeth. It strengthens your teeth and protects from acidic foods. Our dentists at Sninki & Schmitt Family Dentistry in Cary NC encourage you to regularly expose your teeth to fluoride in order to develop stronger teeth.


Our dentists understand that there is some controversy surrounding fluoride. It’s proven to protect your teeth, but at what cost? A lot of this concern comes with the risk of being exposed to too much fluoride. Children who are exposed to too much fluoride suffer from enamel discoloration. This is common if they regularly swallow fluoride toothpaste. If your children use toothpaste with fluoride, make sure they are not swallowing it to avoid any negative side effects from the fluoride.

Many people also disagree with the government putting fluoride into the water without proper consent. They argue that studies have shown more serious negative effects to fluoride usage than tooth discoloration, but these studies are mostly inconclusive. They also were not conducted in a way that could produce solid findings.

Overall, any negative results from fluoride usage are very mild and only result if you are ingesting too much fluoride. We encourage our patients to use fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated water because it helps protect your teeth. Fluoride is safe to drink and be in your toothpaste. In fact, exposing your teeth to fluoride saves you money that you might have to spend on dental procedures that result from tooth decay.

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