Teeth cleaning in Cary NC can restore your smile

It’s the first thing people notice about you – your smile! But if your teeth are dingy looking, you may want to hide your smile or even avoid talking and laughing in social settings. If you want to feel confident with your smile, read these tips to learn how to keep your teeth clean and white!

Brush Twice a Day

The first step to a keeping your teeth healthy is to brush twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening with an ADA-approved toothpaste (Colgate, Crest, Arm & Hammer, etc). However, make sure you’re using the right technique – brushing too hard can scrub away enamel and leave you open to staining and damage. Instead, hold the toothbrush gently and clean in small, circular motions for about two minutes getting the front and backs of your teeth.

Floss Daily

Flossing is an often-overlooked step to at-home teeth cleaning. Make sure you floss once a day at least to remove trapped particles from between your teeth that can lead to bacteria growth and decay. Remember to keep the floss tight against the tooth to remove plaque more effectively without injuring gum tissue.

Quit Smoking

One of the biggest steps to keeping your teeth clean and white is to quit smoking. Smoking stains your teeth and increases the bacteria in your mouth while the nicotine and tar damage your gums. Plus, smoking increases your risk of tooth loss (and a whole host of other health issues!)

Avoid Foods That Stain Your Teeth

You brush, you floss, you don’t smoke – so why are your teeth looking yellow-is or dull? It could be your food and beverage choices that are staining them (and causing them to decay). A general rule is if it’s dark when you’re eating it, it will probably stain your teeth. Common culprits include:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Dark-colored juice (like grape)
  • Colas
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Dark-colored berries

If you do eat or drink these items, brush your teeth, drink water, or eat an apple or celery as these can work as a natural teeth cleaners.

Visit Your Dentist for Regular Checkups

Visiting your dentist for regular checkups is vital to oral health! Seeing a professional for teeth cleaning will remove any plaque or tartar buildup to keep your teeth clean while gently polishing them to ensure they are bright and gleaming. Your dentist can also help you create an action plan for how to keep your teeth clean and white between visits.

Brush Weekly with Baking Soda

Brushing with baking soda is a safe, effective way to naturally whiten your teeth. Mix a ½ teaspoon of baking soda to a teaspoon of water to create a paste and brush your teeth gently once a week to help remove stains and keep your teeth brighter. However, it does have natural abrasive properties which is why it’s not recommended to use daily.

Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

Even when you take the best care of your teeth, sometimes staining and yellowing does happen. If it does, a cosmetic dentist in Cary can provide you with a professional tooth whitening that removes years of staining from your teeth in a safe, painless experience!

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